BrainFuck for Emacs

What the Fuck is BrainFuck?

BrainFuck is a turing complete programming language. It consists only of 8 different operators, which are represented by single characters each.

These operations manipulate a memory pointer, which points into a memory area of 30000 cells, each initially initialised to zero.

List of all BrainFuck operators
+ Add 1 to the memory cell the pointer currently points to
- Subtract 1 from the cell currently pointed to
> Increase the pointer, pointing to the next memory cell
< Decrease the pointer by 1 memory cell
. Output value of the current cell as a byte
, Read input and set the current cell
[ If current cell is zero, goto end of loop, else continue
] Goto beginning of loop

An Emacs Lisp Implementation

bf.el is an implementation of the BrainFuck programming language for GNU Emacs. It implements an interpreter for BrainFuck, as well as a compiler which can compile BrainFuck code to native Emacs Lisp byte code.

bf.el uses a BF interpreter written in BF to test correctness. The included test case can take very long, depending on the hardware you are running it on, but it should pass without failure.

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