osc.el -- Open Sound Control client library for GNU Emacs

OSC is protocol for communication among computers, sound synthesizers, and other multimedia devices that is optimized for modern networking technology and has been used in many application areas.

osc.el provides a simple library for communicating with OSC peers via UDP. Since UDP datagram support was only added to GNU Emacs relatively recently, you will need Emacs 22 for this Emacs Lisp extension to work.

How to use OSC from Emacs Lisp?

Following is a small example of how to send OSC messages from Emacs Lisp.

(setq my-client (osc-make-client "localhost" 7770))
(osc-send-message my-client "/osc/path" 1.5 1.0 5 "done")
(delete-process my-client)

To create a server, do something like this:

(setq my-server
       "localhost" 7770
       (lambda (path &rest args)
         (message "Unhandled: %s %S" path args))))
(osc-server-set-handler my-server "/a/b/c/d" (lambda (path &rest args) ...))
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