GNOME for the blind

Screen reader

There are currently two actively developed screen readers for the GNOME desktop:


Orca was started and is currently developed at the Sun Accessibility Office.

More info here.

LSR (Linux Screen Reader)

LSR is a development effort from IBM.

More info here.

Gnopernicus (obsolete)

The GNOME 2.18 Desktop Accessibility Guide is a useful starting point to learn about important aspects of GNOME Acessibility, such as Using the Keyboard to Navigate the Desktop.

Marc Mulcahy has done a fascinating series on ACB Radio's Main Menu about Gnopernicus, GNOME's screen reader and screen magnification software.

GNOME Accessibility Development

The GNOME Accessibility Project (GAP) is the umbrella project for Accessibility related work in GNOME. One important document for developers is GNOME Accessibility for Developers -- How to make GNOME 2.0 Applications Accessible. A List of Accessibility bugs in GNOME 2.x is available and should help you to get an overview of already known problems.

Additionally, Wipro Technologies recently released Testing GNOME applications for Accessibility which introduces you to all the necessary steps to test if a GNOME application works correctly from an Accessibility standpoint.

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