NSLU2 for braille display users

Linksys NSLU2

The Linksys NSLU2 is a low-budget ARM (XScale) architecture computer that runs Linux. It can be bought for about $90, depending on what supplier you use. The device is equipped with two USB ports and one Ethernet 100Mbit network port, nothing else.

Using the NSLU2 as a braille display terminal

Normally, the interactive use of the NSLU2 is limited since it does not have its own framebuffer, and therefore no virtual consoles. However, if you are using a braille display, it is fairly easy to still use it with virtual terminal features.

Enabling virtual console login

By default, after installing Debian on a NSLU2, the configuration file /etc/inittab does not enable running getty on virtual terminals. Simply uncomment the lines which instruct init to spawn getty on tty1 through tty6 and reboot your system.

Poissible usage scenarios

Why would you want to use a NSLU2 to driver your braille display? There are several potential reasons:

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