JVC MP-XP7210DE and Linux

Linux on a JVC MP-XP7210DE

I've recently bought a JVC MP-XP7210DE and installed Debian GNU/Linux on it. It was basically quite easy. The main problem with the device is that it has neither a cdrom driver nor a floppy drive. The original PCMCIA CDROM for this device was far too expensive for me, so I borrowed a USB floppy from a collegue.

To be able to install Debian, I had to use the specially modified boot-floppies from http://www-user.rhrk.uni-kl.de/~blochedu/usb-install/ to be able to install from a usb floppy. The standard Woody boot-floppies do not support mounting of the root partition from a usb-floppy, but blade's modified flavour worked fine.

Install went fine, all hardware works fine. You need the usb-ohci.o module for usb, the sound module is the trident.o (which works great, it can even do multichannel output).

acpi works fine too, with acpid, I could get the power button to do a regular shutdown if I just press it.

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