Yatm -- Yet another time machine

When listening to recordings of human speech (like audio books, conference recordings, ...) it can be useful to have the ability to adjust the playback speed without changing the pitch of the recording . This simple command line program based on the SoundTouch library can do this for you. Playing a audio book at 150% of its original tempo is still intelligable and saves time, therefore the name of the program.

The following audio encoding formats are supported :



Version 0.5 adds support for seeking libsndfile backed files. You can now also interactively change the pitch in cents and semitones.

Version 0.4 adds support for libsndfile. There is also an undocumented gem, you can use < and > to slow down or speed up by 10%, and hitting SPACE can be used to pause playback.

Version 0.3 fixes gcc 4.0 related build problems (mostly namespace related).

Version 0.2.4 finally (after more than a year, sorry) adds support for the new libSoundTouch version which is available threw Debian these days. It also fixes some build-process related problems.

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